2014.17: Supplies talk and sundry

This week was mostly about Supplies, with work on implementation and tests culminating in a talk by jnthn. Let’s see what I can dig up this time:

  • jnthn has implemented a few things for Supplies and lizmat has implemented a whole bunch of things, as well as tests and spec.
  • jnthn then did a talk on reactive programming in Perl 6 at the dutch perl workshop (nlpw2014). You can download and read the slides already. Unfortunately I don’t know when the recording will reach the ‘net – except that it won’t this coming week. Also, the code from the talk is available on github – including the tiny binding to GTK3.
  • lizmat implemented methods grep-index, first-index and first-rindex to look through a list for things that match a given test and return each index.
  • A newcomer noticed, that the -p flag to rakudo was broken and probably has been for a while. Oops! It was quickly fixed by moritz and retupmoca quickly added a fix to make not only “-p -e” but also “-pe” work properly.
  • retupmoca also made MoarVM properly serialize and deserialize CStruct-based classes, so that modules that use NativeCall and structs work better when pre-compiled.
  • Mouq fixed Routine.perl so that it round-trips without error. It still doesn’t output “something that will result in the same object when EVAL’d”, but at least it doesn’t cause an exception.
  • I added a friendly error message when you accidentally write $!foo in a signature that’s outside of any class (as $!foo usually refers to “self’s attribute named $!foo”).
  • FROGGS fixed how MoarVM handles lines on file descriptors without a corresponding filename. This happens when we pipe data into the process and try to use lines() on it, for example.
  • FROGGS also made MoarVM less confused when encountering symlinks.
  • In other news, FROGGS continued the implementation of loop labels. They used to work on nqp-parrot and now they work on nqp-moarvm, too!
  • raiph is creating a grammar for cpan’s “mirrored.by” file for FROGGS to use in his cpan-perl6 integration work and has fixed a bug in rakudo’s debugger along the way.

Here’s some ecosystem-related things that got me excited:

  • raydiak has continued working on the html output of perl6-bench, making it prettier, more informative, easier to use and in general more awesome. Have a look at this example!
  • retupmoca now has an impressive collection of network protocol projects.
  • avuserow has a taglib binding and a Google Snappy binding on his github account.

This week’s changes don’t seem like much at first glance, but especially the Supply stuff is quite exciting to me. I expect the Rakudo Star release 2014.04 will happen some time the coming week, too.

I wish all of my readers a pleasant week. See you ’round 🙂


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