Belated: 2014.22 (and pieces of 2014.23): Eleven and other stuff.

Hi there,

I’ve been surprisingly busy the last two days and didn’t get to write the weekly yet. Curiously, there wasn’t terribly much to write about anyway. So I’m taking the first few days of this week into account as well, so there’s more exciting stuff. Here goes:

  • lizmat and FROGGS have been working on implementing the new and improved spec S11 about modules and importation and versioning and stuff. That work had been happening in a branch until recently and it’s now on the master branch. I probably ought to write up what cool stuff you can use it for when the next release comes up unless somebody beats me to it.
  • donaldh has improved the IO related pieces of the core setting by removing special cases for different back-ends and partially re-implementing things as nqp ops there.
  • rakudo now honors a RAKUDO_MAX_THREADS environment variable to change the default amount of tasks that should be run at the same time in the ThreadPoolScheduler. This can still be overruled by creating a ThreadPoolScheduler with a specific max_threads, though.
  • jnthn has fixed a bunch of sundry problems: for loops with an explicit or implicit $_ that is marked “rw” used to clobber the outside $_, sub-signature binding (AKA destructuring assignment) used to turn itemized things into lists regardless of provided sigil, and a LAST phaser in a loop used to fire even if the loop didn’t run even once.
  • jnthn has taken up my preliminary work to make MoarVM’s bytecode specializer handle calls with named parameters as well.
  • lizmat has done a bunch of work on $*PERL/$?PERL, $*VM, $*USER, $*DISTRO, and many more.

Other things worth pointing out:

As usual, I hope you’ll have a pleasant rest-of-week 🙂


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