2014.27½: A boat load of stuff, pointer arithmetic and casting.

Hey there! I’ve been a bit busier and distracted than usual this monday and tuesday. Sadly, I can’t really write the posts on sunday night and publish them when I get out of bed, as many nice things usually happen between sunday evening and monday noon 🙂 Anyway, raiph combed through the IRC logs for me and collected a whole bunch of things. Here’s my rendition of the recent happenings, including up to today, as I’m running so late:

  • lizmat led the discussion about the behavior of writing “my %h = { … }”, which is now considered assigning an itemized hash to a hash variable and gives a deprecation warning. Programmers might assume this would flatten the right hand side into the hash, but we found that behavior too magical. Thus, lizmat took care of that.
  • psch has been working (for a bit longer than just this past week, actually) on patches to teach rakudo to properly work with tr///, the “translation” operator. It’s supposed to return the number of characters changed in the source string, which was the most complicated part so far, it seems.
  • FROGGS taught all backends to do pointer arithmetic on CPointer repr’d things, allowing NativeCall to handle array-like things better.
  • FROGGS and sergot also implemented “NativeCast” for the NativeCall module, allowing a CPointer to be cast to any type we know. Apart from legit use cases, this allows some scary, scary stuff to be done 🙂 (see also)
  • The above work is an important stepping stone towards proper TLS support as well as supporting function pointers (for an OpenGL implementation, for example, when you want to have GL extensions)
    • Function Pointers need a bit more work in the perl6 Grammar (actually the Actions) so that we have proper type annotations for &vars (like my &funcptr:(int, int –> int) or something)
  • lizmat implemented and then reverted the “is cached” trait on methods, which is a bit harder than doing it for subs, because it has to factor in the “self”, as well. It’s not yet clear what the semantics are supposed to be.
  • lizmat has also continued working dilligently on the S11 and S22 things, among others the CompUnitRepo classes. I saw FROGGS do a few things in this area, too.
  • masak and krunen did a little “ping-pong programming session” to implement “emmabot”, a bot that should report on the daily ecosystem and Rakudo Star module testing results. Here’s the section of the irclog and here’s the repository for the bot. I didn’t pay close attention to the conversation, but it might be a good example of how to do Behavior Driven Development 🙂
  • Speaking of the daily ecosystem module testing results, a result page now lives on one of our servers and can be reached here, thanks to moritz, coke and colomon.
  • hoelzro invested a bunch of time into making the handling of #| (that is, attaching pod comments to variables, methods, classes, subs, …) to spec in rakudo and the test suite. Turned out to be quite a bit hairier than it looks from afar!
  • dwarring continued to improve our test coverage of the advent calendar posts.
  • japhb landed more improvements to perl6-bench, including extracting a bunch of smaller benchmarks from rc-forest-fire to help figure out why rakudo is so slow at it.
    • In doing so, we found out that rakudo easily beats perl5 at Big Rational Number arithmetic. Pretty neat!
  • jnthn continued his usual work: stability and performance. Among other things, rakudo now turns more lexicals into local variables if it can and variables gained a new scope (“typevar”) that is interesting for optimizing roles and such.
  • jnthn helped japhb figure out what changes are needed to get perl6-bench to run well on windows. Here’s a benchmark result from his machine.
  • jnthn has made MoarVM’s bytecode specializer throw away guards that the specialized code ends up not relying upon. This reduces the number of times we deoptimize unnecessarily.
  • A few fun things on RosettaCode: TimToady’s “draw a clock” implementation with braille-based graphics and sml’s parser for the Multiple Dwelling Problem.
  • tadzik tried out MoarVM on his phone. Sadly, cross-compiling the MoarVM bytecode isn’t as trivial as it ought to be, as it contains file paths that would need fixing up…
  • Mouq is working on a Pod::Walker module to make creating Pod-To-* converters easier. In order to test it, he’s also refactoring Pod::To::HTML to be based upon it.
  • atroxpaper is working on a different Pod Walker, namely Pod::SAX. It will provide a stream-like/callback-like API to processing Pod files.
  • retupmoca fixed up the ecosystem to point IRC::Utils, Date::WorkdayCalendar, TestML and YAML at forked repositories on github that had pull requests open for longer than a month.
  • zengargoyle built a module for fortune files, grondilu started work on a module for “chess related stuff”.
  • Coke dilligently made sure everything’s all right with the daily test runs. For example, att one point, rakudo.parrot had failed 1800 spectests (due to mostly a single problem).
  • JimmyZ updated MoarVM’s packaged uthash to the newest version.

Here’s an update on the GSoC stuff:

  • brrt recently blogged about his progress and has been working mostly on refactoring the code base and supporting invocation in the jit since then.
  • sergot has started working on OpenSSL related things. The repositories can be found on his github.
  • Unfortunately I have either not heard from the other projects or forgotten what I’ve heard, but I do recall that all our students have passed the mid-term evaluations!

Apologies again for the much belated post. Hope y’all have a nice week 🙂

Update: a few inaccuracies were fixed.


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