2014.43: Release ahoy!


last time I checked it was monday and I was timotimo, so it seemed like a post on this here blog was appropriate!

This week, most developers have been traveling, on vacation or busy or stuff like that. I personally just spent a bit of time on a benchmark that I stumbled upon on twitter. PerlJam took great care of this month’s Rakudo release.

But here’s a great piece of news: The remaining YAPC::EU talks have been uploaded to youtube and the recordings of the APW have also been posted on youtube. Among those there’s a bunch of talks by the Perl 6 folks about Perl 6 stuff 🙂

As for actual code stuff inside and near the core … there’s not much to report. I kind of feel a bit guilty, too! One thing that I should point out is that usev6 has been doing a crazy amount of bug triage (writing tests for “testneeded” bugs and closing them) in the recent days. Way cool!

Let’s see what we can come up with in the next 7 days 🙂

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