2015.02 The beginning of the Party has been delayed!

The year started so well!

Seriously, already a delay? Not really. FOSDEM organisation has decided to move TimToady‘s presentation to Sunday, February 1st at 13:00 in the Janson room. This is great news, as that means that the Perl DevRoom at FOSDEM (on Saturday, January 31st) will not interfere with TimToady‘s presentation. The Janson room has a capacity for 1400 people, so be early if you want to have a seat: FOSDEM organisation is pretty strict with regards to reaching capacity of a room!

Perl6 Maven

szabgab has started writing new submissions to the Perl6 Maven site, such as Timestamp and elapsed time and Current Working Directory. The site itself runs on Bailador, the Perl 6 version of Dancer. A prime example of dogfooding!

Pair.gist has changed

A discussion between CurtisOvidPoe and TimToady about the difference between .perl and .gist, led to jnthn implementing a specific Pair.gist method. The most directly noticeable difference would be that:
   say (a=>42)
would now show
   a => 42
rather than
   "a" => 42
This caused some test failures, and some ecosystem breakage (mostly related to now faulty tests), but everybody involved felt that it is much better this way.

Development Allsorts

Over 50 commits this week to nom, some worth mentioning here: TimToady fixed << a b c ‘x’ >>[0] (it now returns “a”). The private method dispatcher was not being optimised away when it could: jnthn unbusted that, making private method calls as fast again as normal method calls (in the same situation). Rat % Rat did not work as intended, colomon added an infix:<%> candidate to fix this. Setting up $*DISTRO was not quiet in some situations, itz quieted those. Exporting an Enum, now also exports its values, thanks to jnthn. Warnings for undefined values in regexes were made much more useful by FROGGS. A lot of work was done on JVM dispatchers and JVM interop by psch (for the JVM backend only, of course). ab5tract did a lot of work for properly handling Mixes: there’s still some debate whether the currently implemented behaviour is correct.

Macro’s. Shaken. Not Stirred

Last week, I had completely forgotten to mention 007, masak‘s laboratory for “exploring ASTs, macros, the compiler-runtime barrier, and program structure introspection”. If you’re interested in exploring this environment, please work together with masak so that it can be meaningful for Perl 6 sooner, rather than later!

Signing off for this week

Please let me know of any errors, omissions, additions!


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