If you happen to be in Karlsruhe this weekend, find me at the GPN15!

Hello, dear esteemed readers!

I’ll be attending the Gulaschprogrammiernacht 15 in Karlsruhe this weekend (starting this Thursday evening already), so if you’re interested to talk about Perl 6 or maybe even write or port a library or something, I’ll gladly give you a portion of my time 🙂

If you’re in Karlsruhe and are not attending, that’s no problem, as there’s no entrance fee, so you can just teleport on by and see what’s up. You can find out more about the event at http://gulas.ch/.

If you want to meet up, you should be able to reach me on the freenode IRC network on #perl6, which I’ll likely check regularly.

See you there, or maybe not!
– timotimo


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