2015.26 Half-way through the year

Some exciting blog posts came our way this week:

Blog Posts

Rakudo Star 2015.06

There is a new version of Rakudo Star available. Kudos to Tobias Leich for taking care of this!

London Perl Workshop

The London Perl Workshop 2015 has been announced: it will be held in central London on the 12th of December. Its theme will be “A Perl Christmas(?)“. If you have anything to show of Perl 6, and you want to show it in London, be sure to propose a presentation!

Building a Perl 6 Project with Travis CI

Travis-CI now supports Perl 6 out of the box, check out the documentation. Kudos to Paul Cochrane, Rob Hoelz, Nick Logan and Tony ODell for making this happen!

Remarkable Changes of the Week

Apart from many smaller fixes and improvements, these improvements are of note:

  • Adding “is required” attribute trait (by Will Coleda). So now you don’t have to do the ugly
       has $.foo = die "'foo' must be specified";
    anymore if you want to indicate that the specification of a given attribute is mandatory.
  • Deprecation of pipe($cmd) in favour of shell($cmd,:in,:out,:err) by Tobias Leich, as mentioned in the previous Perl 6 weekly. This allows you to read stdout/stderr from run() and shell() by passing :out and :err, and you can write to its stdin by passing :in. You can also suppress e.g. STDERR from a subprocess by passing :!err.

Catching up on backlog

It looks like I’m now behind 4 weeks of backlog, instead of 3. Hope to find the inspiration to go through them in the next Perl 6 Weekly! Have a good one until then!


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