2014.28: Title goes here. Fill out under all circumstances!

Hello everyone!

Timo is handling the metaphorical pencil again – that’s why the weekly is so late once again …

Well, let’s just see what last week had in store for us. Here’s a few articles to set the mood:

And here’s a bunch of changes – I’m pretending it’s still monday and I’m leaving out the changes that already happened, so this will cover everything between the 6th and the 13th:

  • skids improved the .assuming method on callables (that you can use to get a partially applied version of an existing sub) to generate proper signatures for the resulting callable.
  • lizmat improved the “splice” method on lists to work a bit better; emptying a list (by using splice without arguments) is now 6x faster, for example, and infinite lists are no longer allowed to be spliced in – they probably caused an infinite loop before.
  • thanks to lizmat and moritz, Set and its many friends can now be subclassed by user code again. There used to be a little hack in place that caused errors when a derived class tried to BUILD.
  • In our documentation, smls documented the “fail” sub – and I almost put in some more things here that have happened between monday and today. oops!
  • in MoarVM, we didn’t care to free strings that were used to build error messages, which would then leak. hoelzro has committed quite a big patch that uses our relatively new “throw exception and free strings” function to prevent leaks.
  • brrt made MoarVM build properly with ASAN again on linux; something I believe broke when FROGGS added the choice between using dyncall and libffi.

And here’s a little list of ecosystem additions:

  • BioInfo by MattOates, a BioInformatics package built to benefit from fresh Perl 6 features.
  • Algorithm::Elo by hoelzro, an implementation of the Elo ranking algorithm
  • Dependency::Sort by jaffa4 for turning directed graphs (of dependencies for example) into a linear form

And that’s already it for this week! But new changes have already started accumulating, so see you again next week!


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