2015.44 Niceville

From the site of the EuroOSCON in Amsterdam, NL, a new Perl 6 Weekly is about to hit your eyes. Please stand by! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

Perl 6 Beta released!

This week saw the official Rakudo compiler release of Perl 6 beta. Thanks to the hard work of Will Coleda++. Looking for inspiration for a good name, he came up with Niceville, FL. An indication of sunny times ahead indeed! Please note that as of now, there is no Rakudo Star release available yet, but this is expected soon now that jnthn++ is back from a well deserved week of being offline and enjoying ancient culture!

This week in short

According to flussence:

a bunch more of lizmat++’s “x% faster” commit messages, someone asking for a solaris tracing feature in moarvm, a long debate over qx{} being nasty and should go away etc, some other stuff.

Here’s the other stuff:

Rakudo’s core settings too large for JVM

It seems we have hit a bit of a wall last Saturday.

Class file too large!

FROGGS++ was the first one reporting it. There seems to be no immediate solution available, but there appears to be a way forward. Question remains how much effort we want to put into that or start thinking about alternate solutions (like reducing the size of the core setting). Fortunately, it was already foreseen that Rakudo on the JVM might not make it for Christmas.

.split/.comb On Handles

lizmat++ implemented the already known methods .split and .comb on file handles. This means you can now lazily split your text files on things other than a CRLF by e.g. specifying a regular expression. Or search your text files for some captured text using a regular expression. Without having to load the entire file into memory. It does not give us the mythical Cat object yet, but for some uses it now gets pretty close.

Blog Posts

Alas, only one blogpost in the past week.

Ecosystem Additions

Winding down

A bit meagre this week. We’re confident things will be picking up again now the Beta release is out the door. So tune in next week for more!


2 thoughts on “2015.44 Niceville

  1. lizmat++ implemented the already known methods .split and .comb on file

    should this be?:

    lizmat++ implemented the already known methods .split and .chomp on file

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