2016.8 YACR

Or: Yet Another Compiler Release! Will Coleda put in the work to make another Rakudo Compiler release see the light of day: 2016.02. Check out the announcement. In short: fixes quite some errors, leaks less, does some things faster (up to 160x) with less memory (up to 10% less), and adds a few minor features. One can expect a new Rakudo Star release to become available shortly as well.

Perl 6 Einführung

Sören Laird Sörries has taken the excellent Perl 6 Introduction by Naoum Hankache and translated it into German. To which I can only say: Vielen Dank!

Videos from FOSDEM 2016

It appears that some videos from the Perl DevRoom at FOSDEM 2016 are now available. Now we only need to find the right decoder to play them :-(. Word has it, that re-encoding is in the works.

Calls for Presentations

Some places you might want to give a Perl 6 presentation:

  • YAPC::NA (June 20th-22nd, 2016 in Orlando, FL)
  • PolyConf (30th June – 2 July 2016 in Poznań, Poland)

Blog Posts

Not too many this week.

So I went back and found a few that somehow did not get mentioned before. Sorry for the delay in mentioning!

Memorables From The Backlog

I combed the backlog of the second half of January, and this is the result:

I’ll try to catch up completely on the next Perl 6 Weekly.

Ecosystem Additions

More than one a day again!

Winding down

Yet again. Hope the read has been enjoyable. Catch you all next week!


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