2016.10 Enchanté!

The excellent Introduction to Perl 6 by Naoum Hankache now also has a French translation: Introduction à Perl 6 by Romuald Nuguet. And for those of you who had missed this, there is also a German translation (Perl 6 Einführung by Sören Laird Sörries). I just wish someone would find the time to write a Dutch translation, so I could finally figure out this Perl 6 thing 🙂

Damian Conway to keynote at YAPC::NA

Pardon the verbing. Damian’s keynote address will focus on some of the less-heralded features of Perl 5 and Perl 6 which make life so much better, even for beginner Perl programmers. This will be an outstanding presentation for new and experienced programmers alike.

Assorted developments

  • ^Inf .rand no longer hangs, but gives an error.
  • Buf.splice now has the same order of parameters as Array.splice.
  • "q b c d".words -> $a, $b { ... } now ends its iterator properly, instead of erroring at the end.
  • Several codegen issues and memory leaks fixed.
  • Default accessors are now generated more optimally.
  • sub MAIN(\foo) now generates correct name for usage message.
  • Several optimizations regarding Capture and Parameter in relation to ~~ and eqv, resulting in a 17x faster punning of a role like Buf.
  • Improved the codegen for metaop_assign (like +=) when native values or sub calls are on the left hand side.
  • Improved safe exception printing, important when working on the core setting and an error occurs before Exception.pm has been reached.
  • Buf.new(my @a) no longer errors.

Blog Posts

Gems from the Backlog

The second half of February. We should be sorta in sync again after the next Perl 6 Weekly.

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

That’s it. C’est fini! Das war’s. Tis op.

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