2016.12 Less Happening

A bit of a silent week, it was. Many things happening behind the scenes, like Inline::Perl5 being able to be pre-compiled, making it an even more viable alternative for intermixing Perl 5 and Perl 6 code. Heaps of work on using less memory and less CPU. So, let’s get on with it then:

Blog and other Posts

Core Developments

  • Several issues with native num/int arrays were solved, and some optimizations were done.
  • Native str arrays were implemented, aka my str @a now works.
  • Blobs are now really value types, with a stable .WHICH.
  • Errors made with format/parameters of sprintf are now much better handled.
  • IO::Path.slurp(:!bin)/IO::Handle.slurp-rest(:!bin) now read strings (as :!bin indicates not binary).

Gems from the Backlog

Scanning through the #perl6 backlog of the first 2 weeks of March, I came up with these goodies:

Ecosystem Additions

More than one a day again, keep up the good work!

Winding down

That’s it for now. Planned for next week are another Rakudo compiler release, and more about the work of Paweł Murias on the Javascript backend. See you then!

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