2016.13 A Language For Heapsters

The 2016.03 Rakudo Compiler Release was a bit delayed due to uncertainty about the seriousness of a flapping test. Will Coleda made it happen nonetheless!


If you happen to be in the Toronto area on 30th of March, you should check out Zoffix Znet‘s presentation: Wow, Perl 6!. Alternately, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood of Baltimore, MD around mid-April, you might want to visit the 2016 DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop, where Brock Wilcox will be giving a Perl 6 Hands-On Tutorial.

Core Developments

Due to the delay, some of these made it actually into the release!

  • Jonathan Worthington made "100".Int about 37x faster as part of the work on the heap snapshot functionality.
  • skids optimized and fixed some issues with Range, specifically when being used as a list.
  • Rob Hoelz merged his work on the REPL, which now makes the REPL written in Perl 6 and part of the CORE settings, rather than written in NQP, allowing for easier fixes and adaptability. It now also works with -I and the history is now actually saved to a file, so you can refer to previous REPL sessions.
  • Stefan Seifert merged part of his CompUnitRepo work, which will allow for easier packaging of Perl 6 modules: for now, this should make stack-traces better readable by storing logical filenames (of the source) in precomped files, rather than physical filenames (where the precomped files actually live).
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen did some minor fixes: Bool.enums now works, some issues with combinations and permutations and magic increments.

Blog Posts

Gems From The Backlog

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

A little later than usual, but for most people still right on time! See you next week!


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