2016.14 Wow, Zoffix!

Last Wednesday, Zoffix Znet gave very nice presentation titled “Wow, Perl 6!” for the Toronto Perl Mongers. The video and associated blog post were then mentioned on Hacker News, made it to the top 5 and on the fly created quite a discussion! It’s great to see Perl 6 getting more attention like that!

Core Developments

  • ab6tract and TimToady fixed an over-zealous warning involving WhateverCodes.
  • Jonathan Worthington did several fixes in the utf8-c8 encoding and fixed a segfault found in some newbie code.
  • 0racle implemented the (already documented) :kv adverb on .first and wrote the associated tests.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen re-implemented magic inc/dec making it 3.5x faster on simple inc/dec, more maintainable and applicable in the core.

Ecosystem Additions

Winding down

Since I’m not going to have much time the coming 2 days, I thought I’d come out with an early Perl 6 Weekly this time for a change.


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