2016.15 Wow, Blogs!

One week, there aren’t any blogs. And then there are weeks with more than one a day. This is one of those weeks!

Blog Posts

Trying out Perl 6 code snippets on-line

Matt Oates got support for Perl 6 going on glot.io, an open source pastebin with runnable snippets and API. Perhaps it is an idea to copy some of the more idiomatic examples from Rosetta Code? It appears to be running a Docker image of Rakudo Star 2016.01. Perhaps this is another incentive to get a more recent Rakudo Star out soon :-).

And coming in from the other end, Zoffix Znet created GlotIO, a module that allows you to use the glot.io API via Perl 6. Cool stuff!

Valhalla On Earth

If you happen to be in the Oslo area on Friday April 22, you should check out Damian Conway‘s More Concurrency, Less Contusion presentation (which is free of charge). On Wednesday April 20, he will also give a free public talk about a new evil module that will steal more Perl 6 features and make them available in Perl 5. All in all, a week of Perlishness in Oslo!

Core Developments

  • Carl Mäsak pointed out that Hash.gist didn’t have curlies, whereas Array.gist does have brackets. After consultation, Elizabeth Mattijsen rectified this.
  • skids fixed several issues with List.squish and combinations().
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made the .minpairs/.maxpairs methods work on anything that has a .pairs method (instead of just on Sets, Bags and Mixes).
  • Jonathan Worthington fixed memory leaks that usually showed up with EVAL. Also a bit of GC tuning that hopefully improves memory behavior, plus a UTF-16 fix, and a crash fixed when reading corrupt bytecode.
  • Jonathan Worthington also fixed a missing pre-comp store unlock, which could cause the store to remain locked until program exit.
  • TimToady fixed a useless use warning in import arguments.

Ecosystem Additions

Apart from many people blogging, there were quite a few real exciting additions to the ecosystem as well!

Winding Down

For the past 2 weeks, I haven’t been able to go through the backlog. I expect this service to resume in about 2 weeks.


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