2016.23 Friendlier Bisecting

AlexDaniel has been working on making the bisectable bot on the #perl6 IRC channel much more user friendly, judging from these examples. Just another example of how important IRC is for the development of Perl 6 and the ecosystem and community around it. If you haven’t touched IRC in years and want to keep really up to date, then bring out your IRC client and head to #perl6 on irc.freenode.org and join the club!

Core Developments

  • A new, improved version of MoarVM has landed in rakudo HEAD. About 10% improvement in compilation time, and less memory use, are the most obvious changes. Less obvious are some spesh fixes that are also part of this update.
  • Arrays with holes (e.g. with :deleted elements) now correctly iterate with autovivifying containers of the correct type.
  • Many aspects of iterating over Lists and Arrays and iterating in general, have been improved. Both with regards to CPU usage, as well as memory usage. Depending on your application, this may be very noticeable, or hardly noticeable at all.
  • use MONKEY-WRENCH and use MONKEY-BARS have been added as reserved names for future usage.

Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

Winding down

The weather has not been very work ethic inducing in these parts. So still no gem searching yet. The temperature is expected to go down in the coming days, so there’s a good chance of a beefier Perl 6 Weekly next week. See you then!


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