2016.28 Show Your Papers!

With the deadline for presentations for the YAPC::Europe closing in 3 days, this is the time to submit your Perl 6 related presentation! Also, don’t forget the Alpine Perl Workshop in early September in the lovely city of Innsbruck, to which you can also still submit your Perl 6 presentation.

More Bots

Some weeks ago, Alex Daniel made the bisectable bot available on the #perl6 and #perl6-dev channels. This bot will find out which commit changed the behaviour of a given piece of code. Based on this, MasterDuke created the commitable bot, which allows you to run a piece of code on a Rakudo Perl 6 on a given commit!

Documentation Effort Picking Up!

Looking at the contributors graph of the Perl 6 Documentation project, it is very clear that the documentation effort is picking up significant steam! Kudo’s to all of the committers, recent or not so recent! And remember, documenting Perl 6 is an excellent way of getting to know the language better! Pull Requests are very welcome! And if you happen to be of the more lazy kind, you can also just look at the Perl 6 documentation.

Tracking Rakudo Bugs Made Easy

Zoffix Znet has written an interface to the Perl 6 RT Queue. For sure, it has allowed Zoffix Znet to chase and close quite a few (old) RT Tickets (aka Rakudo Bug reports). Maybe it can be helpful for you as well?

Core Developments

  • Jonathan Worthington fixed a problem with the multi-method lookup cache, which would cache candidates that shouldn’t be cached because they have a where constraint.
  • Stefan Seifert fixed another of those pesky corner cases, like doing multiple EVALs in BEGIN blocks in a pre-compiled module.
  • Christian Bartolomäus fixed a problem with module loading on the JVM backend, and made sure file renaming works the same on the JVM as it does on MoarVM.
  • Pepe Schwarz continued killing bugs that popped up on the JVM backend since Christmas and made progress with the JVM interop.
  • Daniel Green made sure chop(N) with large integer values will DWIM.
  • Tom Browder continued working on table features in Perl 6 pod parsing.
  • Salvador Ortiz made sure that Failures during a two-step coercion are propagated, rather than thrown. So that e.g. "a".Int will return a Failure rather than die.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen did a lot of optimisations related to Lists, Arrays and Iterators.
  • And many other smaller fixes and error message improvements.

Blog Posts

Not too many this week.

Ecosystem Additions

Not too many this week either.

Winding Down

What can I say? Lots of stuff going on! See more of this next week, when we have had yet another compiler release of Rakudo Perl 6. Until then!


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