2016.30 Fresh Rakudo Star!

Steve Mynott++ has taken it upon him to package a Rakudo Star 2016.07 release, based on the 2016.07.1 Rakudo compiler release. Apart from the tar archive, there are also a .dmg for OS X, and a .msi for Windows available here. Apart from the many improvements and bug fixes, this version should also be much faster than the previous (2016.04) Rakudo Star release!

When In Rome, Go See Larry

The Curry On Conference was held last week in Rome, Italy. TimToady gave the second day’s opening keynote. An excellent video if you want to know more about the what’s and why’s of the development of Perl 6.

Core Developments

  • "foo".samemark("") will now just return "foo" instead of a Failure, to bring it in line with the behaviour of "foo".samecase("").
  • Jonathan Worthington implemented $?MODULE and ::?MODULE, which had mysteriously fallen through the cracks. See Assorted Fixes for the other things he fixed this week.
  • Zoffix added bail-out to Test.pm6, which rectified another mysterious omission.
  • glfdex started a discussion on the behaviour of my Int:D $a with respect to Nil, got TimToady‘s resolution on that, and skids implemented a patch. This now means that my Int:D $a; is a compile-time error (missing initializer), and that assigning Nil to an Int:D variable is now a Failure.
  • Many optimisations in the areas of PseudoStashes, dynamic variable lookup, Hashes (both “normal” as well as typed Hashes), Bags, Mixes, Sets, Backtraces, .grep, .first and handling of warnings.
  • Many smaller bug fixes and error message improvements.

Documentation Developments

gfldex++ informs us of the following developments in the documentation of Perl 6:

  • Additions to Traps.
  • Additions to Testing.
  • Additions to Concurrency and related classes.
  • The Quoting Constructs section now explains interpolation and its interaction with undefined values.
  • The search index has seen many more additions.
  • Documentation was added about a few methods that were missing before.
  • A few examples got unbroken.
  • Pod::To:BigPage is now used to generate https://docs.perl6.org/perl6.xhtml which contains all non-generated documents (and excludes anything under /routine/ and list). It is meant as a standalone document for offline viewing and printing (as far as printing HTML goes). In the future it may be used to generate diffs of the docs.

Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

Quite a busy week again. Now if someone could find the knob to the thermostat, so we could put that a bit lower, that would be brill!


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