2016.39 Keys To Cover Moar Tests

“Key” appears to be the keyword of the week. gfldex has several blog posts about it while Zoffix Znet has been doing a lot of work on getting test coverage completed by using the new code coverage reports available for MoarVM. This has resulted in about 200 more spectest tests in the past week. Way to go!

Core Developments

  • Pepe Schwarz has been busy fixing many, many JVM backend related issues.
  • Jonathan Worthington made it possible to use native attributes for binding in a signature (typically submethod BUILD(:$!a) { ... } where the attribute is defined as has int $!a).
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made it possible to use an Enum as a shape in a (native) array declaration, such as my @a[Bool], as suggested by gfldex++‘s blogpost. Relatedly, she also added a .^elems method on Enums.
  • Zoffix Znet fixed a number of issues with Hash|Baggy.classify|categorize-list and improved the code on the fly as well.
  • Stefan Seifert fixed an issue which would throw a GLOBAL symbols clash when re-compiling because of a repo change.
  • Jan-Olof Hendig made sure that duckmap no longer recurses indefinitely in some situations.
  • And of course many other smaller bug fixes, efficiency and error reporting improvements.

Blog Posts

Quite a lot this week!

Ecosystem Additions

Not too many this week.

Winding Down

The end of the Indian summer is now in sight, at least in Western Europe. Hope everybody will be able to break free from the lethargy it may have caused.


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