2016.40 Pull up to the Hacktoberfest

Autumn is upon us. And you’re in desperate need of a new T-shirt. Look no further, but get yourself into the Hacktoberfest! The only thing you need to do is to submit four Pull Requests to win a free T-shirt. Zoffix Znet has taken the liberty of marking quite a few Perl 6 related issues on Github that will allow you to quite easily get your T-shirt, doing interesting Perl 6 related stuff. But before you start on that, please read the rest of this Perl 6 Weekly first! Or read brian d foy‘s blog post about his experience with the Hacktoberfest (reddit comments).

Cluj.PM meets MST on 3 Nov ’16

The Cluj.pm people are at it again. Be sure to submit your Perl 6 talks and visit lovely Cluj once again, especially if you didn’t get enough of it at the YAPC::Europe this year.

London Perl Workshop on 3 Dec ’16

And let’s not forget the London Perl Workshop exactly one month later. And be sure to submit your Perl 6 talks here as well!

Core Developments

  • Christian Bartolomäus has continued to get the JVM backend in better shape.
  • Jonathan Worthington has added basic Unicode 9 support for the MoarVM backend. He also fixed signature cases such as -> |c where { c }.
  • Daniel Green made sure that multiple *s produce an error when they are in a double closure.
  • Pepe Schwarz has fixed many NativeCall issues on the JVM backend.
  • Last, but not least, Zoffix Znet has been very busy fixing many, many smaller bugs and improving error messages and generally add tests to get better coverage.

Blog Posts

A nice crop of blog posts this week!

September Documentation Efforts

Wenzel P. P. Peppmeyer contributed this report about the 155 commits that were done in the Perl 6 documentation repository:

  • Explain why smartmatching against exception categories work.
  • Changed references to deprecated Order::Increase and Order::Decrease to Order::Less and Order::More.
  • Show how a LEAVE can be used in conjunction with Channel.close.
  • Document the trap of ~~ in conjunction with .method-name.
  • Document CALL-ME.
  • Clarify what arguments are defined in what where-clause.
  • Document :st, :nd, :rd, and :th adverbs on .subst.
  • Document Code.of.
  • Document Hash.categorize-list and Hash.classify-list.
  • Show anonymous subsets.
  • Document class WrapHandle.
  • Add documentation for Range.reverse.
  • Document that role arguments can have constraints.
  • Document Whatever|Callable argument forms of .splice.
  • Document subroutine take-rw.
  • Add documentation for method Mu.take.
  • Correct and expand the documentation of ords.
  • Changed =~= operator example to drive home the fact that the =~= operator is not arithmetically symmetrical (doesn’t do ± Δ).
  • Clarify argumentless .pick/.roll behaviour.
  • Added documentation on function return types.
  • Document .split(@delimiters) form.
  • Indicate types of values given by :v|:p in .split.
  • Added documentation of dynamic variable $*TOLERANCE.
  • Added documentation for the :close adverb in .slurp-rest.
  • Add :123abc form to Pair description.

Ecosystem Additions

Not too many new modules this week, but some interesting ones nonetheless!

Winding down

Sometimes serendipity will let SMBC post an applicable cartoon on the day of the Perl 6 Weekly’s release. Hope that’s a good way to wind down this week. See you again next week!


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