2016.44 Увод в Perl 6

Yes, we have another translation of Naoum Hankache‘s excellent Introduction to Perl 6: Bulgarian, thanks to Krasimir Berov (Красимир Беров)! Of course, we shouldn’t forget all of the other translations already available: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French and Dutch! Or in code:

say "{<bg es pt jp de fr nl>.pick}.perl6intro.com"

macOS .dmg for Rakudo Star 2016.10.1

Steve Mynott gave the OS X users an installable .dmg that should work on Yosemite, El Capitan en Sierra.

Incompatible Changes

  • The :overlap/:ov and :exhaustive/:ex adverbs on Str.subst (aka s/foo/bar/) are no longer allowed. Fallout of this should be minimal, as it really doesn’t make sense to use these adverbs in a substitution.

Core Developments

  • Zoffix Znet implemented Setty eqv Setty, thereby also fixing some flappiness in roast.
  • Jonathan Worthington fixed a potential serialization issue with regards to compiler services. He also turned nextwith and friends into real subroutines, which means they can now be called faster as they’re resolved at compile time now, instead of runtime. He also helped fixing a nasty new bug in Str.match.
  • Daniel Green continued his work on removing low-level attributes needed in the bootstrap, and replacing them by high level Attribute objects.
  • Tobias Leich fixed many issues in Moar, related to using libffi. He also made it possible to build rakudo on s390x.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen continued to work on making Str.match and Str.subst faster, with some success. She also fixed a problem where my $r = /foo/; "foo" ~~ $r would not set $/, whereas the equivalent "foo" ~~ /foo/ would. Finally she made the eqv operator handling 1.2x to 14x faster, and IO::Spec::Unix.canonpath 7x to 50x faster, depending on the dirtiness of the path.
  • And many more smaller optimizations and bug-fixes.

Blog Posts

This week some blog posts that are not directly related to Perl 6. Sometimes the lack of having Perl 6 mentioned, is the reason they are listed here.

Ecosystem Additions

Only 2 this week. Boom!

Winding Down

Quite an interesting week again! Check in again next week!


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