2016.49 It’s Looking A Lot Like Blog Posts

Like snow flakes, all different, all unique! But a lot to read and to take in. On the other hand, you have a whole week to catch up!

Adventing Perl 6

Yes, it’s that time of the year again: every day a blog post about a specific Perl 6 feature. Every Day!

Quick Tipping

As part of the Learning Perl 6 Kickstarter (now 95% funded with more than 450 backers), brian d foy continued writing his Quick Tips every day:

Of course, it’s not too late yet to back his Kickstarter and become part of this unique endeavour!

Core Developments

  • Jonathan Worthington again fixed some GC (garbage collection) related issues that primarily showed up when using Proc::Async. He also fixed a data race in Supply.interval and various races in supply/whenever.
  • Christian Bartolomäus worked around behaviour of nqp::substr working differently on the JVM backend.
  • Zoffix Znet invested a lot of time de-terming -Inf, so that it better follows the rules of precedence. He also made sure that (aka U+2212) can be used as an alternative for - (aka hyphen).
  • Stefan Seifert fixed an issue for packagers that was so eloquently raised by Matt Trout at the London Perl Workshop during the repeat of his YAPC::Europe presentation The raptor and the butterfly.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen worked on the final bits of optimising the native shaped arrays, making them quite a bit faster at initialisation, iterating and standard methods such as .values, .pairs and so on.
  • and of course many other improvements, bug fixes and awesomizations.

Other Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

A tiresome week for yours truly. But that won’t stop anybody from making the coming week another good week for Perl 6 and even more tiring for yours truly. And that’s a good thing 🙂 So check in again next week for more Perl 6 news!


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