2017.07 More Than One Zero

Ahoy-hoy! This week we’ve got a few nice fixes lined up for y’all:

  • the abs_n op in MoarVM now correctly turns -0e0 into 0e0 (Zoffix Znet)
  • closing an async socket now can’t cause the VM to crash. (jnthn)
  • fix a numeric overflow that could prevent a full collection from occurring (dogbert17)
  • on windows, MoarVM now correctly accepts unicode command line arguments and environment variables (thanks, nanis!)
  • the string repeat op will no longer cause the VM to panic if GC kicks in at just the right moment (samcv++, dogbert17++, and jnthn++)
  • smart matching char ranges against char ranges now works (MasterDuke17, Zoffix++)
  • a whole bunch of data races were fixed in precompilation-related code in rakudo (jnthn++)
  • smart matching a Str against a Numeric now no longer throws an exception if the Str can’t be coerced to a Numeric (Zoffix++)
  • the iterator used for implementing the rotor method used to violate the iterator protocol by pulling more values out after IterationEnd had been signalled, leading to strange exception messages (Zoffix++)
  • rational numbers used to normalize inconsistently between printing out and getting the numerator and denominator pulled out of ’em (Zoffix++)
  • a whole lot of useless coercions from int to num happened during even compiling the empty program in perl6. that number has been drastically reduced by MasterDuke17++
  • lizmat++ made Int.WHICH a bunch faster, which should make object hashes with Int keys in them faster, too.
  • I drafted a little op for MoarVM that’ll let you grab some statistics about the inner state of MoarVM. I’m intending to give info that might be interesting to have in a monitoring tool, for example if you’re running a server or web app. I’d love to hear some feedback on what pieces of data you might be interested in!

Ecosystem, Docs, and Bloggage

That’s it for now! Tune in again next week for more 🙂


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