2017.08 Evolving Slangs

TimToady has been working on providing a more stable API for handling sub languages, aka slangs, such as Slang::Piersing (allowing identifier names such as $foo? and $bar!) and Slang::Tuxic (uncuddle parens open from sub/method name when calling them). This is all part of work making parsing of grammars faster, which so far has been able to get a few seconds off of building the setting. It is also making it possible to implement new grammar related features in the future. And it should help keeping people, wanting to work on this piece of the Rakudo internals, sane.

Rakudo 2017.02 Compiler Release

Zoffix Znet and his trusty bots have done it again: this month’s Rakudo Compiler release, aka Rakudo 2017.02 is out now!

Blog Posts

Other Core Developments

  • Jonathan Worthington fixed a bug in Supplier::Preserving which would occasionally mix up the order of the emitted values. He also fixed a bug when using a grammar from several different threads.
  • Zoffix Znet made sure that flat() will pass on the is-lazy value of an Iterable if that is flattened.
  • Nick Logan and Stefan Seifert solved several issues regarding installing and loading of identically named modules, but with different auth/ver and/or being from different distributions.

Meanwhile on StackOverflow

Meanwhile on Twitter

The perl6org Twitter newsfeed now has more than 200 followers. Tweets not otherwise mentioned in the Perl 6 Weekly are:

Winding Down

Still a little jetlagged. Hope yours truly did not make too many mistakes in this episode of the Perl 6 Weekly Saga! Be sure to tune in next week, when yours truly hopes to have returned to her normal level of sanity.


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