2017.11 Tidy Da Tags

Jeffrey Goff made the first version of Perl6::Tidy available for general usage. As he announced in his tweet, only very few lines were needed to perform this feat (so far). But that’s because all of the hard work he already put into Perl6::Parser! In any case, something that people coming from Perl 5 have frequently asked for in Perl 6 is (a step closer to) reality now.

Tag Your Distributions

Zoffix Znet started a project to make it easier to find Perl 6 distributions in the ecosystem. By adding tags to your distribution, these tags can be used as targets for search queries. He explains it all in a blog post.

Perl Developers Survey 2017

The people at Built In Perl have announced their yearly Perl Developers Survey, and they would like you to participate in it. It will only take a few minutes!

So You’re Experienced in Python

The nice folks of the Perl 6 documentation project have created a page to help programmers coming from Python. It discusses the equivalent syntax in Perl 6 for a number of Python constructs and idioms. There have been similar pages for Perl 5, Ruby and Haskell, in case you were wondering why Python was being advantaged here 🙂 .

VIP ¿Que?

There’s something hovering in the air!

Core Developments

  • Samantha McVey fixed some issues with case-insensitive matching, specifically for those unicode characters that have a lower/upper case version that is longer/shorter than the original character: now the fold-case functionality is used internally. And as a bonus, it is also 30% faster!
  • TimToady has been working on some useless use warnings, further support for slangs and meta-operator issues with the xx operator.
  • Jonathan Worthington fixed some issues related to Proc::Async, specifically if the process could not be spawned.
  • Lloyd Fournier fixed some issues with multiple requires & require clobbering pre-existing packages, building on the extensive work by Stefan Seifert getting require to work correctly in the lexical module loading world.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made the xx operator to always return a Seq: before a List would be returned in some cases.
  • Zoffix Znet made sure that code resulting from function combinator () retains the parameter count and arity of the original code.
  • Daniel Green added specialized candidates for infix min and max, making them about 3x faster.
  • And of course many other smaller fixes, improvements and speedups!

Other Blog Posts

Meanwhile on Twitter

More than 250 followers now! 🙂

Meanwhile on StackOverflow

Ecosystem Additions

A modest catch this week:

Winding Down

It has been a busy week for yours truly. And the following weeks will also be very busy. But that’s all irrelevant for you readers 🙂 . So please check again next week for more Perl 6 news!


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