2017.19 Albatross_I

The past week felt a bit dreary, the weather was meh, and MoarVM had some telemeh issues on ARM processors. And there were some discussions on how to treat non-Int values in situations where Int values are expected (do we floor, fail or throw?). I guess these things came to the front more because there was not a lot else going on this week.

Rakudo on Ubuntu on Windows

Claudio Ramirez tells us that the Ubuntu 16.04 Rakudo packages were made compatible with the Windows 10 Linux Subsystem (AKA bash in Windows 10). Just run /opt/rakudo/fix_windows10 after install.


Timo Paulssen has been working on his telemeh for MoarVM project. It basically spits out little status messages at a very high speed and high accuracy. Because instead of asking a clock of some kind, it just reads the “number of cycles elapsed since some point near the beginning of the process” register out of the CPU. It’s also thread-safe, much like the other profiler isn’t really at the moment. The idea is to eventually have a nice GUI-ish frontend that could let you analyze the telemeh-log at a higher level. It’s inspired by a product called “telemetry” by RAD Game Tools.

Core Developments

  • Zoffix Znet fixed another few IO related problems and a number of issues surrounding cached Seqs.
  • Nick Logan fixed a case of premature deletion of bin wrappers.
  • Daniel Green fixed a problem with trying to rotate an empty List. He also improved error messages when a feed operator is used improperly. And he did quite some optimizing work in NQP land.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen worked a lot on improving the speed when randomly selecting elements from Maps, Hashes, Sets, Bags and Mixes.

Blog Posts

Meanwhile on FaceBook

  • Nadim Khemir:

    I started porting the old DHTML dumper to Data::Dump::Tree. Here is an example you can load in your browser. It seems that google won’t share an html file directly. Just download it and open it in a browser.

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on StackOverflow

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

Pretty sure we will see some good Perl 6 things coming from the Perl Toolchain Summit! So check in again next week!


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