2017.21 YAP6B

Or in other words: there’s Yet Another Perl 6 Book in the works! Gábor Szabó has started a crowdfunding campaign to write Web Application Development in Perl 6. Subtitled: “Introduction to web application development using Perl 6. Including several sample applications.” Which would be the 6th Perl 6 book to come out this year! You can already support this effort for as little as 10 US$! I can only agree with Damian Conway in his endorsement: “Take my money, dammit! :-)”. So please support this effort in any way you can!

Unicode Property Names

Samantha McVey is soliciting comments on solving issues with the <:foo> Unicode property syntax that may have overlapping result sets. She’s working on this as part of the Improving the Robustness of Unicode Support grant. In her blog post she describes the issues at hand. Please join in if you think you can help!

Rakudo Compiler Release 2017.05

It’s getting almost as common as landing a rocket on a 10m x 10m spot after delivering a cargo to the edge of space. But it should be kept being mentioned nonetheless! Zoffix Znet and his trusted flock of bots have released the 2017.05 Rakudo compiler last Saturday, with quite an impressive set of changes: more than 300 commits in the rakudo repository alone. If you’re a Docker user: J.J. Merelo already provided a 2017.05 Docker image.

Camelia in the Wild

Well, not entirely in the wild, but a great sight nonetheless (courtesy Lee Johnson)! And here’s a more symbolical sighting (courtesy Nick Logan). But this one takes the cake (courtesy Zoffix Znet)!

Issues with modules of a specific author

If you are a Perl 6 module author, or if you want to find out which modules of an author currently have issues, you can now easily get a list: e.g. the list for Zoffix Znet can be seen at modules.perl6.org/todo/zoffix. Please substitute the name you want at the appropriate place. Or go to modules.perl6.org/todo if you want to see them all!

Perl 6 on Exercism

A Perl 6 track has been opened on Exercism, the place where you can level up your programming skills, especially if you are a (Perl 6) newbie! Personally, I really like the Exercism tagline:

write code like it’s prose

It shows an appreciation for the art of programming that is often seen missing in business.

400 Years of Perl 6 in Oslo

Damian Conway will be giving a freely-accessible presentation of his “400 Years of Perl 6” talk this Wednesday in Oslo, Norway. Highly recommended!

Core Developments

  • Zoffix Znet continued working on the IO Grant, which is now nearing completion: among other things done, IO::Handle.words now accepts a $limit positional parameter. He also made Promise and Promise.then more subclass friendly. Finally, prompt can now be called without any parameters.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen did a lot of work on Sets, Bags and Mixes and various set operators again, making some operations between 1.1x and 50x faster. She also added support for Setty.pickpairs, which was somehow forgotten so far.
  • In preparation for the release, there were only a few more fixes and improvements this week.

Other Blog Posts

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on StackOverflow

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

Didn’t think after last week’s Perl 6 Weekly that this week’s would be quite this large again. Perhaps I should start to schedule a whole day to write the Perl 6 Weekly in the future. Let’s see. Check in again next week for more Perl 6 news!


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