2018.36 Normality Returns

A little later than originally anticipated, but Rakudo has had another compiler release: 2018.08, thanks to Samantha McVey (MoarVM release) and Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev. After it turned out impossible to make 2018.07 stable enough for a release, it was decided to scrap that release. The 2018.08 release had a few stability issues as well, but these were all fixed in the past week. This means we’re ready for a new round of optimizations to be tried and tested!

London Perl Workshop on 24 November

Due to a planning conflict, most notably with freenode #live, the London Perl Workshop has been moved from 3 November to 24 November. You can still submit your Perl 6 related presentation!

“Learning Perl 6” Available

brian d foy tells us that Learning Perl 6 is now available as ebook in various formats. Some reviews are already available. If you contributed to the Kickstarter, you should have been notified by now.

More about “AAA” .. “ABS” Strangeness

Jo Christian Oterhals continued his quest on finding the difference in behaviour of "AAA" .. "ABS" between Perl 5 and Perl 6 (FaceBook comments).

Containers in Perl 6

Elizabeth Mattijsen had part 3 of her series on the differences between Perl 5 and Perl 6 published on opensource.com (Reddit comments).

Faster FASTA

Timo Paulssen got triggered by a question on StackOverflow, did some research which resulted in an excellent blog post (Reddit comments).

Awesome and Fascinating

Those were the words that Mr. Spaz used to describe a presentation about Perl 6 that JJ Merelo gave at the ZipRecruiter offices to the Los Angeles Perl Mongers: There’s-a.new(:Perl).in-town().

One Year Of Squashathon

Although the past weekend’s documentation Squashathon wasn’t such a big success, it was the 13th Squashathon in a row. Which means we have now over a year of Squashathons! Kudos again to Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev for setting all of this in motion!

Core Developments

  • Ticket status of last week and the month of August.
  • Jeremy Studer made sure that initializing a native array with a lazy Seq, or splicing a lazy Seq into a native array, throws immediately.
  • Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev removed support for $*INITTIME, as was promised in the deprecation message.
  • ribbon-otter supplied code that allows support for all coloncircumfix in the form 42.:<->.
  • ryn1x made sure that Regex.ACCEPTS(Uni) sets $/ as expected.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made sure that Seqs smartmatch Iterables correctly. She made it also possible to emit Mu values.
  • And some other smaller fixes and improvements.

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on StackOverflow

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Perl 6 in comments

Perl Modules

New Modules:

Updated Modules:

Winding Down

It’s good to be back home and be able to write the Perl 6 Weekly in a familiar surrounding for a change. Next week’s Perl 6 Weekly will be coming from somewhere near Switzerland, while returning from the Swiss Perl Workshop. See you next week!


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