2018.47 Piensa en Perl 6

Luis F. Uceta has created a Spanish version of Think Perl 6 (by Laurent Rosenfeld, based on a book by Allan Downey), teaching you the art of programming using Perl 6. Luis is looking for people proofreading / commenting on Piensa en Perl 6. So if you have mastered Spanish and you want your name in a book as a proofreader, this is your chance! Oh, and of course, you can download either book for free!

Rakudo Star 2018.10 in Chocolatey

brian d foy tells us that Rakudo Star 2018.10 is now available on Windows using Chocolatey. Not sure who to thank for this, but kudos to brian d foy to let us know it’s out there!

London Perl Workshop

Next weekend will see the 20th anniversary of the London Perl Workshop, a free one-day workshop of all things Perl in London. With a pre and post social event. And a full schedule of which the following presentations are about Perl 6:

There is still some room in the program, so if you’re going to be in London and you want to do a Perl presentation, it is not too late to submit a talk yet!

The European Perl Conference 2019

Andrew Shitov plugs the European Perl Conference in a lightning talk at the Barcelona Perl Workshop the other day. Main points: it’s in Riga, Latvia from Wed 7 to Fri 9 August 2019, with workshops on Mon 5 and Tue 6 August. The cost will be approximately 150 euros. Start planning your trips!

An interpreter in 4 minutes

Andrew Shitov also did a lightning talk on how to create a simple interpreter. Check it out if you want to get an idea of how simple the use of grammars can be!

Did you mean X?

Jo Christian Oterhals shows how he really uses Perl 6 code at work to improve the functionality of his company’s web site (Reddit comments).

Progress with RED ORM

Fernando Correa de Oliveira shows a really nice new feature of RED that allows you to express a SQL statement as Perl 6 code in a .map. Very cool abstractions there!

Core Developments

  • Ticket status of last week and the week before that. There is also more generic weekly and monthly overview.
  • Bart Wiegmans fixed a signedness issue in the JIT.
  • Jonathan Worthington fixed a segfault by correcting an index value on named parameters. He also made sure that buggy behaviour of Proxy in 6.c only applies when use v6.c is active.
  • Paweł Murias continued his work to have Perl 6 run in more browsers than just Chrome.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made sure that object hashes and QuantHashes can be used in meta-operators. She also made operations like %a >>+<< %b about 8x as fast, and %a >>+=<< %b about 1.3x as fast. And she made slices without adverbs on hashes about 5x as fast.
  • Timo Paulssen and Elizabeth Mattijsen fixed several cases where re-initialization of an array would not remove the older values.
  • And many more smaller fixes and improvements.

Questions about Perl 6

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on FaceBook

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Perl 6 in comments

Three weeks worth, as promised last week:

Perl 6 Modules

New Modules:

Updated Modules:

Winding Down

Some nice speed improvements this week. Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev is still busy shaking out the final blockers for the 2018.11 release of the Rakudo Perl 6 Compiler. That will be the first compiler release that defaults to 6.d. Hope to be able to tell you all about that next week. Until then!


One thought on “2018.47 Piensa en Perl 6

  1. Thanks for another detailed Perl 6 Weekly. I cannot attend the London Perl Workshop but I would love to try out Moray Jones’ .org grammar and collaborate on it.

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