2019.23 Complete Course

Andrew Shitov has reworked his original grant proposal for a Complete Perl 6 Course With Excercises, which has just been published by The Perl Foundation for public comments (until June 14th), before the grant committee will vote on it. Please comment if you feel you need to! (Facebook comments).

And this just in: Moritz Lenz has joined the TPF Grants Committee! Congrats!

Perl 6 學習手冊

Or in other words “Perl 6 Study Manual”. A Chinese translation of brian d foy‘s Learning Perl 6. Now available from various outlets. Good to see Perl 6 become available to 1.4 billion people in their native language! And if you don’t want to buy the book, there’s always Perl 6 入门 (aka Perl 6 Introduction).

Linker for Perl 6

Madeleine Goebel reported on her GSOC progress in The Linker for Perl 6, in which she goes into Symbol Resolution and Relocation, among other things. Her first goal is to create an ELF-executable from a “Hello World” program. Looking forward to future progress reports!

Helping the Perl 6 documentation

JJ Merelo points out in a thread on Twitter that the Perl 6 documentation doesn’t appear out of thin air just by itself. But that it needs dedicated people to keep up with new developments and problems reported by users. Yours truly would like to point out that working on the documentation is also an excellent chance to learn (aspects of) Perl 6 that you didn’t know before. So, if you see a problem in the documentation, please do not hesitate to report it, or even better, to create a Pull Request with your fix! Your contributions will be most appreciated by any current or future Perl 6 user.

Comments on learning Perl 6

Someone using the nickname Shred_Alert has started an informal discussion about aspects of Perl 6 on Reddit in which the following opinions were posited:

  • Perl 6 feels natural to *nix people but not Windows people
  • Perl 6 (or any Perl) is write-only, line noise, messy because of regexes
  • Perl 6 is slow

Warning: contains some very insightful comments!

Perl 6 should mimic Python 3

Someone using the nickname marcm28 started a discussion on Reddit titled In 2020, Python3 will murder Python2. Perl6 should do the same thing on Perl5. Why?, which sparked quite a discussion. Warning: may need to don some fireproof clothing!

TCPiP Newsletter

The June Newsletter of The Perl Conference 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA has been published. Information about the Arrival Dinners, and the River Cruise now available. Please check it out if you’re going to attend or plan to do so!

Perl Weekly Challenge

Blog posts in Perl 6 for the Perl Weekly Challenge #11:

Challenge #12 is up for your perusal!

Core developments

  • Ticket status of the past week.
  • Patrick Böker fixed some issues with relocatable builds.
  • Daniel Green removed the profiling overhead from tallies in profiles.
  • Ben Davies implemented NQP ops to find out amount of free memory and total memory used and fixed some warnings when building the JVM backend. He also fixed an issue with [] being improperly parsed by the internal from-json logic.
  • Kaz Wesley fixed a problem with NativeCall‘s HAS attributes and several other related bugs.
  • Bart Wiegmans fixed a race condition with creating objects in JIT compilation.
  • Nick Logan added JIT-compilation for the NQP strfromcodes op.
  • Vadim Belman continued his work on the new configuration system and fixed is export on roles.
  • Paweł Murias fixed various issues on the Javascript backend.
  • Jonathan Worthington performed many optimizations related to matching in both NQP and Rakudo, making a typical split using regexes 40% faster.
  • Jan-Olof Hendig fixed a potential collision in bitmap flag values.
  • Vadim Belman made use v6.* work again: it now means to use the most modern version of Perl 6 (so currently the same as use v6.e.PREVIEW).
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made the internal to-json logic about 2x as fast.
  • And quite a few other improvements and fixes.

Questions about Perl 6

Only 2 to go to get to the 1111 Perl 6 questions mark on StackOverflow!

Meanwhile on Facebook

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Perl 6 in comments

Perl 6 Modules

New modules:

Updated modules:

Winding Down

Wow. Perl 6 news and contributions to Perl 6 literally from all over the world! Please check in again next week for more Perl 6 news!

One thought on “2019.23 Complete Course

  1. My comments on the Complete course grant

    Increase the percent of video lectures (it is not clear to me how much of the lessons will be accompanied by video lectures, but i am assuming very little, and the the course is primary textual)
    Publish the course to coursera or edx
    If you will publish to coursera, make the code examples, mostly on one domain, for example data mining , or text parsing, this will make the course more attractive, and migh attract people interested in the domain, and dont mind using Perl6 as the tool

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