2015.10 FOSDEM Videos and Role Conflicts

Unfortunately, timotimo++ wasn’t feeling well enough to do the Perl 6 weekly this week. So yours truly will be stepping in again. Best wishes to timotimo: hoping he will feel better again soon!


The FOSDEM videos of the Perl DevRoom have appeared online. I’d like to highlight the Perl 6 ones in this context:

Role conflict resolution, wraps and claim

skids++ has written a drive-by summary/followup thoughts on “the role debate”, after colomon++ had a blog post about it. Food for thought, indeed. Comments welcome, of course!

TimToady on a roll

While fixing many grammar related buglets, TimToady++ also made it illegal to create operators with spaces in them. A sane choice, if you ask me. He also specced and implemented three more pseudo-packages: LEXICAL (Contextual symbols in my or any outer’s lexical scope), OUTERS (Symbols in any outer lexical scope) and CALLERS (Contextual symbols in any caller’s lexical scope). The use of $/ as Perl 5’s input line separator, is now better detected and frowned upon with a clearer error message.

Array/Hash Internals Shakeup

It was discussed many times over the past weeks. This Sunday, lizmat bit the bullet by renaming all of the Rakudo specific array / hash access internal methods, and providing deprecation logic for the old method names. What does that mean? As a user, it shouldn’t matter much. As a module and/or internals developer, you may need to change some calls to these internal methods. Please check the ChangeLog for more information.

Nativecall C++ Integration

FROGGS++ has been steadily working on the integration of C++ with NativeCall in a branch. It is getting close to a merge, so hopefully we’ll be able to chalk up “C++ integration” on the list of NativeCall features next week.

Development Allsorts

The following features / bug fixes were implemented in the past week:

  • PairMap (Hash with fixed set of keys on creation, but variable values)
  • .pairup() (Create a list of pairs from a List of scalars, pairs, lists and hashes)
  • UInt (sub)type and coercer for unsigned integer.
  • is DEPRECATED works on subs/methods even if they don’t have phasers.
  • MoarVM gc crash that was blocking work in Inline::Perl5 has been fixed.
  • Most, if not all Expected Array[Str] but got Array[Str] errors fixed.
  • my Role $a .= new does not error out anymore.

And of course, many, many other bug fixes and optimizations, both on the MoarVM as well as specifically on the JVM backend (Mouq++, avuserow++, nwc10++, donaldh++ on top of the usual suspects).

Winding down

Please let me know of any errors, comments, suggestions, like always!


One thought on “2015.10 FOSDEM Videos and Role Conflicts

  1. specced and implemented
    Channeling Patrick:
    s/specced and implemented/designed, implemented and roasted/
    And maybe specced, if Larry added sufficient tests to roast that
    saying that what he designed and implemented was ‘specified by’
    those tests is a reasonable thing to say.

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