2015.29/30 FastForwarding To The Present

After having gone back a year two weeks ago, this Perl 6 Weekly should bring us back to the present and up to speed.

Blog Posts

The past 2 weeks have seen quite some interesting Perl 6 related blog posts:

2015.07.2 Prague

The past week also saw the monthly compiler release of Rakudo, named “Prague“, a joint effort by Carl Mäsak and Moritz Lenz. It came in at about 350 commits. There is also a new Rakudo Star release (by Moritz Lenz).

Multi-Lingual Pun Of The Week

* cdc veut un racadeau pour Noël.

More Asynchronous Sugar

Jonathan Worthington wrote up his thoughts on more syntactic sugar and improved semantics for asynchronous execution. New goodies:

  • await – more powerful with a dynamic Awaiter
  • serial supply – promises you will never do a concurrent emit/done/quit
  • supply syntax construct – create on-demand supplies more easily
  • whenever – an asynchronous loop construct
  • Channel – should probably be renamed for Concurrent::Queue or some such
  • earliest/more/wait/done to be deprecated

Check it out and comment if you want!

Perl Presence at OSCON 2015

The past week saw OSCON again, for the last time in Portland, OR. Perl’s presence there was unfortunately limited. Community booths were smaller again than the year before, and there were fewer of them and they were hidden at the back of the Expo Hall. In a keynote the lane with community booths was referred to as Diagon Alley. It would therefore seem that OSCON is becoming more and more a muggles-only event. OSCON Europe 2015 is said to have no community booths at all.

Anyways, a Perl 6 introductory tutorial by Damian Conway: Perl 6: – Transparadigm programming 101 saved the day in Portland. It also came with script examples. The other presentation by Damian Conway was: Don’t change languages. Change your language. Here he introduced the very nice Perl 5 module Dios Declarative Inside-Out Syntax, which more or less gives you Perl 6 class syntax in Perl 5. Damian also introduced modules that were more oriented towards Perl 5, such as experimentals and Keyword::Declare. If you’re still using Perl 5, they’re definitely worth looking at.

Culling from the Backlog

Recent additions to the Ecosystem

Two weeks worth of additions gives us:

  • Ini::Storage Read/write ini files and manipulate them in memory (by jaffa4)
  • Audio::Encode::LameMP3 Encode PCM Audio data to MP3 in Perl 6 using a binding to liblame (by Jonathan Stowe)
  • AVRO support (by Adriaan Larmuseau)
  • Log::D logging (by jaffa4)
  • Stream::String Stream into a string or from a string (by jaffa4)
  • Atom::Electron Perl 6 desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS on top of the Electron platform (by Ahmad M. Zawawi)
  • Data::Selector data selection dsl parser and applicator (by Justin DeVuyst)

Winding down

That’s it for these two weeks again. Hope to be having the next one on time again. Have a lot of -OFun!


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