2016.1,2,3 What Are We Waiting 4?

It felt a bit like a postpartum depression since the previous Perl 6 Weekly 4 weeks ago. Just before the Christmas release, Jonathan Worthington put his thoughts about post 6.c release policy in a gist. Early January, Stefan Seifert started working on creating a 6.d setting in a branch.  But nothing much apparently changed after that. Will Coleda explains it all in his recent blog entry.

FOSDEM 2016 Is Coming

This coming Saturday/Sunday (30/31 January), FOSDEM will be happening again in Brussels. We’re also going to have a Perl DevRoom on Sunday. These are the Perl 6 related presentations that will be given there:

More specific information about Perl at FOSDEM can be found in Wendy’s blog post.

Mike Friedman’s Journey Into Perl 6

Mike Friedman started a series of Exploring Perl 6 blog posts about his experiences trying to use / get used to Perl 6. It is a nice introduction for those of you who would consider themselves uninitiated: Up And Running, Signatures, Part 1, Sigil Invariance, Numeric Types, Meta Operators and Hyper Operators.

The Perl 6 User Experience

In a blog post, Zoffix Znet announced a repository dedicated to documenting the many aspects of the Perl 6 user experience. Let those Pull Requests come in to make the Perl 6 user experience better and better!

What Jonathan Did While Recovering

Jonathan Worthington wrote a series of blog posts about finally being able to use Perl 6 as a user: Not Guts But 6 parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, in which he fleshes out the STOMP client into a fully functional module. Check out this work in progress.

More IRC Channels

Apart from the #perl6 channel on Freenode (irc.freenode.org), the #perl6 channel on irc.perl.org has been revived as the “Funofficial Perl 6 channel”. Also, to channel discussions about the Perl 6 tool-chain and the Perl 6 release process, there are now two more channels on Freenode: #perl6-toolchain and #perl6-release.

More Documentation

Praise to all of the people working on the documentation: about 300 commits since Christmas! Of course, documentation can always be improved: so let those Pull Requests come in!

Assorted Blog Posts And Other Items

Many, many blog posts and news items about the release of Perl 6. And of course, the normal flow of Perl 6 related blog posts. Here they come, in more or less chronological order:

Notable Links from the Backlog

Scanned the backlog until January 15th. Here are what I thought were notable links mentioned in that backlog.

Ecosystem Additions

Around 60 distributions were added in the past 4 weeks. That’s about 2 a day! Definitely not up to par with CPAN uploads just yet, but a good development nonetheless. So, without further ado, the additions:

Signing Off

Hopefully, everybody in Perl 6 land is more or less on the same page again. Next week Perl 6 Weekly is going to be a bit difficult for yours truly to make, because of FOSDEM and associated activities. Hopefully, timotimo++ will be able to pick it up again.


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