2016.19 Summer Strikes

It seems like many people have taken advantage of the nice weather (well, for most of the core developers).

Rakudo Star 2016.04 Installers

Steve Mynott made sure that there is a Windows (64 bit) Installer for Rakudo Star 2016.04. Somehow the fact that he also made a Mac OS-X Installer for Rakudo Star 2016.04, was missed by yours truly. Generically, you should look at the How To Get Rakudo page to see which installers are available.


Next week will see OSCON again, this time in Austin, Texas. There will be a Perl 6 related tutorial and a Perl 6 keynote there!

Core developments

  • Inf.Int and NaN.Int fail. Inf.Rat and NaN.Rat didn’t, but now do. All these cases now have failing todo tests in roast, as apparently it was at one time felt that these cases should just return itself. Until consensus is reached, this is now a release blocker.
  • Promise.result is now hardened against spurious OS wakeups. This made the HARNESS_TYPE=6 make spectest run a lot further, but somehow still the 198th test-file fails completely, and then about 10-20 test-files later we have a hang. Further investigation is pending landing of some/most or all of MoarVM’s improvements that Jonathan Worthington is working on.
  • Default stringification of an object now uses a unique object ID, rather than the memory address (which can change if an object is promoted out of the nursery). This should fix spurious test failures where is is used (which uses stringification on the object to compare).
  • Built-in to-json and from-json are now DEPRECATED. They were never intended to be exposed.
  • Junctions should be a lot faster in usage now. The auto-threader is now 2x to 3x faster, whereas Junction.ACCEPTS is 4x faster, and Junction.Bool is now 20x faster. Junction creation with any(), all(), none() and one() is now 14x faster.
  • Many, many other smaller optimizations, which you may or may not notice when running your code.

Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

Having seen too much sun in the past days, yours truly didn’t have the energy to go backlogging for gems. Next week’s Perl 6 weekly may also be delayed because of travelling to OSCON. Otherwise, everything is ok 🙂


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