2017.16 IO Hits The Road

Zoffiz Znet and his trusted bots just came out with the 2017.04 Rakudo Compiler Release. It contains the culmination of the IO grant work. A Rakudo Star release should be expected within the next few days, based on this compiler release. Apart from the IO work and all of the other optimization work that has been done, one thing to particularly note is the work that Samantha McVey has done on Unicode support and case-insensitive regex matching. Please have the appropriate amount of more efficient fun!

Perl Toolchain Summit

The Perl Toolchain Summit is now less than a month away. Some people actively developing on Perl 6 will also attend. There are even some Perl 6 related entries on the Project List. Hope to see more Perl 6 related items there soon. And to finally be able to make CPAN support for Perl 6 modules an actual thing!

Core Developments

  • Timo Paulssen made it possible for Grammars to precompute their NFAs during precompilation, allowing them to be stored in precompiled modules.
  • TimToady continued working on a refactor of Match objects and cursor, which hasn’t produced much improvement yet because of all scaffolding still needed.
  • Paweł Murias undid the bitrot that broke the Allocations tab in the output of --profile.
  • Stefan Seifert fixed an issue with compilation stores without write access, as well as some issues when using the Staging repo.
  • And many other bug fixes and a lot of work on the IO grant, of course!

Other blog posts

Meanwhile on Twitter

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Meanwhile on FaceBook

Jonathan Stowe says:

If you have been experiencing difficulty accessing certain https web sites with one of the various HTTP clients, you may want to upgrade to the latest OpenSSL module – I’ve just implemented supported for the TLS server name extension which is required for an increasing number of virtual hosting arrangements. It also fixes Webservice::Soundcloud.

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

Unexpectedly brought to you from Copenhagen, Denmark. See you again next week for more Perl 6 news!


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