2017.35 Serving Cro

Jonathan Worthington dropped something of a bomb during his presentation (slides) on the second day of the Swiss Perl Workshop, in which he presented

Cro, a Perl 6 framework for building reactive systems

With HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2.0, HTTPS, WebSockets and ZeroMQ support out of the box! Still in beta, but API-wise it should be fairly stable.

Which almost let me forget that Jonathan actually did another presentation, named ‎”How does deoptimization help us go faster”, and other questions you were sensible enough not to ask‎ (slides), which gives you a good impression of the problems you get when you try to develop a fast dynamic language with precompilation features. Videos of either presentation are not available yet at this time, but should be soon!

ASCII Forever!

That in short seems to be the general tone of the 233 comments (so far) about last week’s Perl 6 Weekly, spread over three reddits: r/perl, r/perl6 and r/programming. Fortunately, there were some positive comments as well. Ah well, the caravan of butterflies moves on.

Monthly Bug Squash Day

Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev initiated a new monthly (online) event:
Monthly Bug Squash Day. The first time will be on Saturday 2 September, and the subject will be the perl6/doc repository, which currently has 279 unsolved issues. You can also print a poster to invite your local (hacker) friends (made by Zoffix Znet).

Relocation Message

Zoffix Znet‘s very useful overview of open tickets on Rakudo Perl 6 has been moved to fail.rakudo.party (from rakudo.fail) (Zoffix’ Tweet).

Pictures, Pictures!

Blog Posts

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on StackOverflow

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

Didn’t have time to really see what other core developments we had the past week. Since many of the core developers were on the road or visiting conferences or otherwise in a vacation mood (with a few notable exceptions, though), it feels safe to keep whatever the developments were until a 2-week overview next week. See you then for more Rakudo Perl 6 news!


One thought on “2017.35 Serving Cro

  1. Wow, not entering the reddit debates, but it’s exciting what a novelty perl6 practices are. I guess it would be disappointing if it didn’t get some reaction. But well done for patiently repeating that there are ascii variants to all so many time over!

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