2017.42 Taking Ticketing Seriously

Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev has been ticketing away! The result can be seen in an overview of status changes in RT tickets of the past week or so. He explains it like this:

The high number of [REGRESSION] tickets is caused by the concentrated effort to detect any unintentional changes in Rakudo Perl 6. I extracted all messages to the evalbot (e.g. “m:” on the #perl6 channel) from the last few years, and passed these code snippets to different versions of Rakudo Perl 6. These snippets were filtered by comparing the output and exit code, which resulted in a list of thousands of samples that produce different results on different versions. Most of these differences are due to bug fixes or other harmless reasons (e.g. current time being shown in the output), but there were some notable regressions. All regressions noticed during the manual inspection are now filed, and some of them are already resolved (with tests, of course). This is the second time we see dedicated effort to find otherwise hard-to-notice regressions, first time being in December 2016.

So it should be easier to keep the sanity of Rakudo Perl 6 in check!

One more TPCiA Rakudo Perl 6 Video

Samantha McVey‘s High End Unicode in Rakudo Perl 6 has arrived! Of course, you can still keep checking for more uploads in the coming weeks.

Blog Posts

Meanwhile on Twitter

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  • Rakudo Perl 6 BuildPack by brian d foy.
  • 20% shaved off by Zoffix Znet.
  • Debugging an Amazon issue by Moritz Lenz.
  • Whole day Rakudo Perl 6 Tutorial at TPCiG by Jeff Goff.
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  • int32.new shouldn’t give you an Int by Zoffix Znet.
  • Meanwhile on StackOverflow

    Meanwhile on perl6-users

    Meanwhile on PerlMonks

    Lately, there have been some Rakudo Perl 6 related Meditations on PerlMonks. Yours truly feels they should be mentioned in the Perl 6 Weekly as well, although some troll hugging may be needed:

    Ecosystem Additions

    This week will probably be the last time you will see the ecosystem additions mentioned in the Perl 6 Weekly. Thanks to Zoffix Znet and Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev we will soon have a page on that will show the recent uploads to CPAN (the new preferred way putting your module out into the wild). So here goes for the last time:

    Winding Down

    Being too tired to investigate the latest Core Developments of the past week, I will keep them from you until next week. Which will also coincide with the 2017.10 release of Rakudo Perl 6! So please check in again next week!


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