2017.47 More TPCiA Videos

In the past weeks, more videos from the The Perl Conference in Amsterdam have become available. Rakudo Perl 6 related videos that have been added:

Kudos to all behind the scenes who made the recording, processing and uploading of these videos happen!

Blog Posts

Core Developments

  • Samantha McVey made collapsing of MoarVM strands (the parts of a concatenated string that hasn’t been turned into a single string yet) about 4x faster in most cases. She also fixed a bug with the utf8-c8 encoding that would combine a synthetic code point with other code points when they shouldn’t. Finally she fixed a bug in the Unicode properties database (uppercase letters not returning the Lu General_Category).
  • Jonathan Worthington fixed a race condition related to cancellations and an optimizer issue regarding improper inlining of blocks.
  • Bart Wiegmans fixed an off-by-one error that would cause try/catch to sometimes fail on jitted frames.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen fixed the RAKUDO_EXCEPTIONS_HANDLER=JSON feature (which outputs execution errors in JSON format) for those exceptions that contain other exceptions. She also made sure that a Proxy will no longer leak out of a Lock.protect block. Finally she made sure that an execution error in an END will not stop any other END blocks from being run. Oh, and she made concatenation of Buf and Blob objects between 1.8x and 7x faster.
  • And many other fixes and improvements.

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on StackOverflow

Meanwhile on FaceBook

Format::Lisp is on the ecosystem. Not *quite* fully featured, but it handles some of the recursive directives, and the test suite will tell what it can currently handle.

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Winding Down

We’re still waiting for the 2017.11 release of the Rakudo Compiler. There have been a few blockers that turned up at the last moment, which appear to have been vanquished, at least temporarily. But not in time for the deadline for this Perl 6 Weekly. So please check in again for next week’s Perl 6 Weekly for the continuing story!

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