2018.07 A Quick One from Apopka

While recovering from the long-planned PR&R, yours truly got a bad cold. I guess heat, alcohol and air-conditioning don’t mix too well 😦 So a short Perl 6 Weekly this time, from the town of Apopka, although it feels a bit like being in Pawnee.

New Bots

Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev created two new IRC bots: Notable (for noting things, which is helping yours truly writing this already) and Shareable (for making builds of the Whateverable bot publicly available). By the way, the Whateverable repo saw its 500th commit!

Better documentation

JJ Merelo has worked hard on the doc repository which, by the way, has now surpassed the 8000 commits mark! On Facebook, he said:

We are past the mark of the 800 issues closed in the perl6/doc repository. There’s still a lot of work to do, with 290 outstanding issues. Full disclosure here: I have applied for a Perl6 core grant to deal with this documentation.

Cro Release 0.7.3

Cro released version 0.7.3, with as most notable changes:

  • Support for HTTP/2.0 push promises (server and client side)
  • HTTP session support
  • body parser/serialization support in WebSockets
  • a UI for manipulating inter-service links in cro web

It’s exciting to see these new developments making Cro the place to go to for implementing all sorts of web services.

Blog Posts

  • push-all optimisation of List.roll by Andrew Shitov.
  • How does 0 but True work by Andrew Shitov.
  • Dumping 0 but True by Andrew Shitov.
  • Perl 6 is better CoffeeScript than CoffeeScript by ktown007.
  • Colonpair in Perl 6’s Grammar, part 1 by Andrew Shitov.
  • Colonpair in Perl 6’s Grammar, part 2 by Andrew Shitov.
  • An attempt to understand how [*] works by Andrew Shitov.
  • Other core developments

    • After having done the Perl 6 Weekly last week, Zoffix Znet continued to be very busy: among many other things, he fixed the use of slurpies in if statements (aka if 42,43,44 -> *@a { }, sprintf on type objects, optimization on native pre/post increment/decrement, implemented support for .= to initialize sigilless variables, allow for parameterized constraints when initializing attributes with .= and generally optimized the dispatch of .=.
    • Jeremy Studer removed an extranous push in code object creation.
    • Jan-Olof Hendig spotted some missing deconts in cmp handling.
    • Fernando Correa de Oliveira fixed Parameter.usage-name in the case that the name had a twigil.
    • Stefan Seifert fixed an issue in multi-threaded pre-compilation of modules.
    • And many other smaller changes and improvements.

    Meanwhile on Twitter

    Meanwhile on StackOverflow

    Perl 6 in comments

    Winding Down

    A bit shorter than usual, maybe. Please check again next week when yours truly has returned to her regularly scheduled programming. See you then!

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