2018.14 Singularity Released

Jonathan Worthington already mentioned a few times in the past weeks that his team had been working on a new project to be released soon. We’re glad to announce it is now ready for beta-trials: Singularity will allow you to download your brain into the database of your choice asynchronously, ready to be queried by many simultaneously afterwards. All based on Rakudo Perl 6, Cro and a NativeCall interface to TensorFlow. These are truly exciting times for the world, and the Perl community in particular!

April 1

This edition was a prank edition. Please check out the real Perl 6 Weekly of this week for real Perl 6 related information.

Winding Down

Jonathan Worthington‘s announcement has been a fine example of ADD at work, as opposed to CDD, which yours truly is subjected to for the German Perl Workshop starting this Tuesday!


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