2018.25 A Quick One From Salt Lake City

The Perl Conference in Salt Lake City kicked off today with a thought-provoking keynote by Vicky Brasseur on the Importance of Ecosystem viability in the light of a possible ongoing cascade effect in the Perl community. Yours truly hopes to have a link to the video version soon!

Sponsor of \x1F98B

It came to the attention of yours truly that Zoffix Znet has sponsored the unicode symbol 🦋 (aka \x1F98B, aka “BUTTERFLY”) on behalf of the Perl 6 Community. Kudos! FWIW, it looks like 🐪 (aka \x1F42A, aka “DROMEDARY CAMEL”) is still available for sponsoring!

Polish Perl 6 First Steps Experience

Zoffix Znet argues in his blog post (/r/perl and /r/perl6 comments) that it is time to make sure that the Perl 6 experience for readers of the coming Learning Perl 6 book by brian d foy is going to be as smooth as possible. He urges all of us to try that out and make sure we’ve got rid of all of the rough edges.

TPF Grant reports

The past week saw two Perl Foundation Grant reports: Perl 6 CaR TPF Grant: Monthly Report (June, 2018) by Zoffix Znet and No Major Breakthroughs by Timo Paulssen (Reddit comments). Both interesting reads!

A new perl 6 blogger

The past months yours truly apparently missed a number of nice Perl 6 related blog posts by Jo Christian Oterhals:

All very entertaining reads, especially if you’re coming from Perl 5

Takers for a Russian perl6intro?

Naoum Hankache is looking for someone to translate his excellent Introduction to Perl 6 to Russian. Please contact him if you think you’re up to it!

Core Developments

  • Ticket status of past week.
  • Jonathan Worthington and Samantha McVey did a lot of low-level refactoring and optimizing on the MoarVM and JVM backend, which will allow for quite a number of efficiency improvements in the coming weeks.
  • Jeremy Studer did further refinements on making signal values work correctly across multiple OSes. He also fixed an issue that manifested itself by .assuming having problems with certain Signatures.
  • Zoffix Znet fixed an issue with Map.list returning a Seq instead of a List. He also did a lot of work on the CaR grant.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made .minpairs/.maxpairs about 25% faster. She also fixed an issue with Buf.unpack that she had introduced earlier.
  • And many smaller fixes and improvements.

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on StackOverflow

Meanwhile on PerlMonks

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Perl 6 in comments

Perl 6 Modules

New Modules:

Updated Modules:

Winding Down

A little shorter than usual maybe. Or maybe not. Anyways, next week’s Perl 6 Weekly may either be a day early or a day late, as yours truly will be en route for most of next Monday. Be it early or be it late, see you the next time for more Perl 6 news!


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