2015.43 Vernacular English

A week without any big events, just many smaller and larger fixes, additions and overall progress!

s/// In for Loops now work

A long standing bug regarding the use of s/// in for loops has finally been fixed by FROGGS++. Quite a bit of effort to make this work on both MoarVM and JVM backends. Extra kudos are in place!

grep/first/last-index Are Dead

lizmat++ implemented a long standing feeling in the community, that the functionality of grep-index/first-index/last-index, should really be accessible by named parameters on grep/first. So, now some of the same adverbs that can be used on slices can now be used as as named parameters: :k, :kv, :p, :v on grep/first. Additionally, :end can be specified with first, to start searching from the end of the list.

Erratum – No Words Starting With ß

daxim++ pointed out I made an error in the last Perl 6 Weekly:

“Officially” is wrong because there is no office that can generally prescribe use or disuse of ß in languages that have that letter.

“No words starting with ß” is wrong because counter examples:

  1. ßo is the abbreviation for Schock.
  2. ßtata is an echomimetic word used the in the folk song “In einen Harung“.
  3. Unreformed Sorbian has dozens of words: ßadzachu, ßebi, ßej, ßlepe, ßmercz, ßmy, ßnadz, ßo, ßobu, ßu, ßudzicz, ßurowje, ßurowych, ßwjerni, ßwoj, ßwužachu, ßydom, ßym to name a few.

My sincere apologies: I’m just glad there is a reason we should be able to titlecase ß! And use it whenever and wherever we want. Don’t you just ♡ Unicode? Anyways, I’m also looking forward to daxim’s Perl 6 Ecosystem addition!

Quote Of The Week

perl is vernacular english, and python is polygoon-journaal dutch (by Bart Wiegmans). For the non-Dutchies among us: Polygoon Journaal and an example of the voice of Philip Bloemendal.

Other Notable Additions And Fixes

Coming in at about 70 commits in the rakudo repository alone in the past week:

  • Supply.throttle for throttling the throughput of a Supply (number of emissions on the supply), either by time-unit (e.g. per second) or for a piece of code to be executed asynchronously.
  • grep { // }, @list works again. It is however still advisable to just use grep //, @list as that is better optimised, for the same effect!
  • A number of REPL fixes, e.g. regarding tab-completion
  • with and without now topicalize properly
  • Hash.append added, for adding lists to Hashes (like List.append)

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