2016.7 More Versioning

What? A Perl 6 Weekly only one week after the previous one? Will wonders never cease? 🙂

Thoughts About Versioning

Jonathan Worthington has given more thought about Perl 6 versioning and compatibility. If you have any interest in using Perl 6 now, or in the future, be sure to read this blog post and think about what it could mean for you. And then ask Jonathan about anything that is not clear!

Mac OS X Installer for release 2016.01

Using Rakudo Perl 6 has now become even easier if you’re using a Mac. A Mac OS X Installer is now available for download, thanks to Steve Mynott.

Grant Proposal for making Perl 6 faster

On the Perl Foundation site you can now read about the next Perl 6 Core Development Fund Grant Proposal for Jonathan Worthington. This should allow him to work some 4 to 5 months on making Perl 6 faster. If you want to say anything about that proposal: now is the time!

Floating Point Going Disastrously Wrong

Curtis “Ovid” Poe mentioned a dissertation about Floating-Point Arithmetic which is “chock full o’ examples of floating point math going disastrously wrong“. The discussion mentions that in at least one case, Rakudo Perl 6 does get the right answer, after some tweaking involving FatRats.

Other Developments

  • Stefan Seifert merged the branch that adds some more introspection methods to CompUnit Repositories, and an uninstall method.
  • A Pull Request by Lloyd Fournier that fixed a problem with require (and quite a lot of associated tickets) was also merged.
  • A bump in NQP version brought some fixes by Jonathan Worthington and Tobias Leich in MoarVM to Rakudo Perl 6.
  • The branch in which Rob Hoelz worked on allowing multi-line expressions in the REPL, was merged. See his blog post also.
  • Salvador Ortiz made sure that Failure.handled can now be assigned to mark a Failure as already been handled, or reset it to mark it as not handled yet.
  • Rob Hoelz made sure that Rakudo jars are stored in the right location.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen committed many small optimizations.

Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

Only 8 additions, but still some very interesting ones!

Winding down

That’s it again for this week. Catch you on the next one!


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