2016.21 A Quick One From Houston

Not a lot of time this time, but fortunately the past week appears to be low on events. So this should work out.

2016.05 Release

Rob Hoelz did the 2016.05 Rakudo Compiler Release. Please note there is no associated Rakudo Star release just yet.

A New Bot Bisecting

AlexDaniel created a new bot on the #perl6 channel: bisectable. It basically will do a bisect for you to find when the output of a code fragment changes. For more info, see his introduction and explanation. A real cool addition indeed!

Core Developments

  • Stefan Seifert made sure that precompilation is done by a “normal” Perl 6 executor when running inside a “debug” executor.
  • Lloyd Fournier and Stefan Seifert continued to work on squeezing out all precompilation cache related bugs.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen re-implemented the .Rat coercer on Inf, -Inf and NaN after TimToady shone his light on the matter. Basically, Inf.Rat.Num (and friends) now round-trip, because Inf is represented as a <1/0> Rat.

Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

Winding Down

The continuous 30+℃ outside and 20-℃ inside temperature changes, are taking their toll. Hope I’ll be feeling better next week!


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