2016.22 Conference Season Taking Off

You know the conference season is really starting again when Damian Conway is leaving the winter in his lovely Australia to go out in the world to give presentations and tutorials! On 19 June, he will give the Perl 6 – Transparadigm Programming 101 Tutorial in Orlando, Florida, at the venue of the The Perl Conference. Then, the next day, he will give the Keynote. And then a week later, in Toronto, Canada, he will give two presentations: Perl 6 – More Concurrency, Less Contusion on 27 June, and On The Shoulders Of Giants – 400 Years Of Perl 6 on 28 June. The tutorial is not free, the Keynote is (if you’re attending The Perl Conference, that is). And for the two presentations in Toronto, you just have to show up (well, after RVSPing yourself)! If you haven’t seen TheDamian in action before, this is your chance!

All You Wanted To Know About Running Perl 5 In Perl 6, But Were Afraid To Ask

The video of Stefan Seifert‘s excellent “Perl 5 and Perl 6 a great team” presentation from the German Perl Workshop this year, has become available. If you don’t have enough time to watch the video (which would be a pity, but there you go), you could also take a look at the associated Reddit comments, or browse the slides.

More German Perl Workshop Videos

It turns out more Perl 6 related videos from the German Perl Workshop have become available:

Core Developments

Not too much to see, but there is some nice work going on in MoarVM that is just waiting to land!

  • Hash.keyof now properly returns Str(Any) (meaning: take Any value, coerce to Str and use that for the key).
  • List.new is now about 4x as fast, iterating over a List is now 10% faster.

Blog Posts

Zoffix at it again!

Ecosystem Additions

Quite a nice catch this week!

Winding Down

Still low on energy, so no gem searching just yet. Be sure to check again next week!


2 thoughts on “2016.22 Conference Season Taking Off

  1. Thanks for the update! Great stuff! Was the blog interview from 2015 with Larry Wall included by mistake? I read it again anyway lol.

  2. The interview with Larry was posted because it had recently surfaced (again, probably). And it is a good article 🙂

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