2016.25 A Quick One From Orlando

Busy, busy, busy. The Perl Conference in Orlando, FL is at full steam. Which means extra clothing to counteract the air-co overcompensating for the heated discussions following the presentations. No, just kidding. The air-co is just set at a way too low temperature. But I guess, that’s just a local custom.

Anyways, we’re told that all presentations will be videod and posted online. The first (Perl 6 related) ones have already arrived:

Upcoming live streams will be:

2016.06 Rakudo Compiler Released

This week also saw the release of the hundredth monthly Rakudo Compiler Release. This time, done by Zoffix Znet.

Core Developments

  • The work of Jonathan Worthington on making return and next much cheaper, as well as subroutine overhead in general, landed just before the release. So, calling a sub or a method has now become cheaper. Also return and next have now become simple CONTROL exceptions. Which means they can now actually be caught by a CONTROL block. Which caused a small regression in Inline::Perl5, but which was easily and quickly fixed.
  • Tobias Leich fixed an issue with NativeCall that would make the precompiled version of a module using NativeCall balloon by about 1MB (by basically copying all of the settings) for no good reason. This had severe performance implications for any module using NativeCall, which are now luckily gone!
  • A bug in comparing Version objects was found by Zefram, and fixed.
  • An issue with reverse dependencies of installed modules, was fixed by Stefan Seifert. He also fixed an issue with circular dependencies on installed modules.
  • Zoffix Znet fixed various issues with Test‘s cmp-ok.
  • Promises can now also return Mu, which was also fixed by Zoffix Znet.
  • samewith can now also be used on non-multi subs.
  • The is required trait on attributes can now also take a Boolean (to indicate whether or not the attribute is really required or not, which can be handy in parameterized roles), or a string to indicate the attribute is required and customize the error message with when the attribute is not specified at object creation.
  • split now has a more awesome error message when specifying NaN as a limit.

Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

A little more than last week 🙂

Winding Down

No time for backlogging or gem searching. See you next week! Possibly delayed again, or earlier than usual due to travelling.


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