2016.26 Another Quick One From Orlando

While packing for travel homeward bound, a short Perl 6 Weekly from Orlando, FL again. The Perl Conference 2016 is over and all of the videos (except this one and this one) are now online. Here’s a list of the (perhaps vaguely) to Perl 6 related ones:

Core Developments

  • Map wasn’t considered a value type (which it should be, as it is immutable), and BagHash/MixHash were (which they shouldn’t be). This is now corrected.
  • The pod in Test.pm6 now refers to the language/testing section of the Perl 6 documentation.
  • Bind failures, e.g. because of is rw, now mention that reason for failure also, thanks to Timo Paulssen.
  • Rakudo Perl 6 continues to build on Perl 5.10, thanks to Zoffix Znet.
  • Handling of Mu in the REPL is corrected thanks to Salvador Ortiz.
  • And many other, smaller and larger optimizations.

Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

Gems From The Backlog

Winding Down

And now, homeward bound! See you next week!


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