2018.03 Blue Note

On the Blue Monday of 2018, it is my solemn duty to inform you that things are not blue in the world of Rakudo Perl 6 at all. The only thing missing is a good main article for the Perl 6 Weekly. So that gives it a bit of a blue note. Plenty of good stuff going on otherwise. So read on!

Core Developments

  • Zoffix Znet was very busy again:
    • Several inappropriate useless use warnings were fixed
    • Sped up several parts of Perl 6 Actions
    • Fixed a problem with incrementing/decrementing RatStr allomorphs
    • Meta-operators (such as =~) got some improvements, with the R meta-operator (such as [R~]= for prepending a string) gaining the most: 160x faster!
    • Fixed issues with regards to the (incorrect) specification of traits
    • Made dd more resilient to handling low-level (NQP) values.
  • Jonathan Worthington added a lot of optimizations, specifically making :U in signatures faster. He also made several core methods smaller so that they would fall within the inline limit: so when used a lot, they will now be inlined, resulting in much better performance in some situations. Finally, he reworked a lot of the Supply, react and whenever internals: this made a Cro benchmark handle 12% more requests/second.
  • Jeremy Studer fixed an issue with .rotor pulling one too many times after the underlying iterator was exhausted.
  • Itsuki Toyota added better error messages for Perl 5-style pragmas and issues with versioning of use and need.
  • Ben Davies made sure that MoarVM can compile on OpenBSD.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen added Bool candidates for x and xx operators, making x 2x faster, and xx 16x faster when given False, and made |(1,2,3) xx 42 about 3x as fast. She also made having a single LEAVE in a block about 5% faster, which will improve performance of Supply and whenever.
  • And many other smaller fixes and improvements.

Blog posts

Perl 6 in comments

Sometimes Rakudo Perl 6 is mentioned in comments on blog posts that do not directly relate to Perl 6 necessarily. Yours truly will attempt to collect these and present them here for your perusal. In this first edition, Perl 6 comments from Hacker News of the past month.

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on StackOverflow

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Winding Down

Pseudoscientifically speaking it was the most depressing day of the year. So from now on, things can only get less depressing. And that’s a positive thought that yours truly would like to give you this week. See you next week for more news about Rakudo Perl 6!


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