2019.26 PerlCon in Riga

The schedule for PerlCon in Riga on 6 – 9 August has been published (/r/perl, /r/perl6 comments). For those of you wanting to get to know more about Perl 6’s concurrency and parallel processing features: there are still seats available in Jonathan Worthington‘s Concurrency and Parallelism workshop on 6 August!

The PerlCon June Newsletter has also been published, asking attendees to make sure the organization knows about your T-shirt and food preferences, and to confirm your talk (if you are giving any) and to make sure that your accommodation is in order!

Ballad of Perl

Stephen Scaffidi has written a very nice Ballad of Perl. Sadly, there is no video of an actual performance of this ballad known 😦

More on Sorting

Andrew Shitov is sorting out his blog posts quite extensively. The crop of the past week:

Aaron Sherman got inspired by all of these to write about the sleep sort algorithm (Reddit comments).

Lack of List concatenation

Aaron Sherman also thought that Perl 6 is in need of a simple way to create a single flattened list out of two lists. He explains why and how in a blog post titled “Perl 6 needs a list concatenation op (Reddit comments) and supplied an ecosystem module Operator::Listcat as well!

Perl Weekly Challenge

Mohammad S Anwar has written an overview of the first 3 months of the Perl Weekly Challenge. He has also reacted to a blog post of Yuki Kimoto about the apparent lack of mentioning the benefits of Perl 5 in Perl Weekly Challenge results.

Damian Conway looked back on the previous Perl Weekly Challenge in a blog post titled “Simplicity made easy” (Hacker News, Reddit comments).

This week there were quite a few blog posts with Perl 6 solutions for Challenge #14:

Challenge #15 is up for your perusal!

Squashathon time again!

Next Saturday (5-6-7 July) there will be another Squashathon, this time aimed at adding as many mathematical sequences as possible (Facebook comments). Anybody can join online. The most/best contributions will receive a plush Camelia!

Core developments

  • Ticket status of the past week and the month of June.
  • Daniel Green fixed a recent issue with the profiler.
  • Timo Paulssen made rare errors that would expose MoarVM / NQP internals much less LTA, significantly helping in fixing them.
  • Paweł Murias continued working on the Javascript backend.
  • Ben Davies found a signature error in PsuedoStash.WHICH, then Jan-Olof Hendig found and fixed some more in other core multi methods.
  • Will Coleda fixed the wording in some Test messages.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen fixed an issue with colonpair processing.
  • And some more improvements and fixes, still in anticipation of the 2019.06 release, being prepared by Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev and Kane Valentine.

Questions about Perl 6

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on Facebook

Perl 6 in comments

Perl 6 Modules

New modules:

Updated modules:

Winding Down

Still in great anticipation of the 2019.06 release, this week brought again quite a nice number of blog posts and associated discussion. Looking forward to next weekend’s Squashathon as well! So see you next week for more Perl 6 news!

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