2019.38 For Else Itch

Damian Conway had an itch, and he scratched it in “Itch.scratch()“. An extensive treatise on how to extend the Perl 6 Programming Language, giving the for loop an else block to be executed only if no iterations were done in the for loop. In less than 25 lines! (Reddit comments).

Video Tutorials

Yanzhan Yang has posted a number of Perl 6 introductory videos on YouTube, maybe the first of many to come:

Yanzhan Yang appears to be a serial tech video uploader (Reddit comments).

Atomic Units

Steve Roe explains his thoughts on seamlessly supporting atomic units in the Physics::Measure Perl 6 module.

Perl 6 at LPW

These presentations about Perl 6 are currently planned to be given at the next London Perl Workshop:

It’s not too late to submit your presentation!

Perl Foundation News

The Perl Foundation is nominating Pete Krawczyk as Treasurer. Many thanks to Dan Wright for having filled this position for so many years.

And there is a grant proposal for curating the Perl 6 documentation, a continuation of earlier work by JJ Merelo.

Please leave your comments, if you have any of course!

What’s in a name?

Sven Gregori investigated several open source projects with naming issues, Perl 6 just being one of them (/r/perl, /r/perl6 comments).

Perl Weekly Challenge #26

Blog posts with Perl 6 solutions for Challenge #26:

Yet Ebreo is the champion of week 25! And as usual, Challenge #27 is up for your perusal.

Core Developments

  • Timo Paulssen fixed an issue with the int type cache on MoarVM.
  • Stefan Seifert fixed several issues around thread destruction.
  • Ben Davies fixed an issue on the CStr REPR’s copy_to function.
  • Patrick Böker implemented the --nqp-home and --perl6-home configuration options.
  • And some smaller fixes and improvements.

Questions about Perl 6

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on Facebook

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Perl 6 in comments

Perl 6 Modules

New modules (some of them were missed previously because of not having been uploaded to CPAN):

Updated modules:

Winding Down

A quiet week yet again, while work has started on finalizing the next Rakudo compiler release. Hope to be able to report on that next week. Until then, program safely and have fun!

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